Cooper & Gorfer

We are not linear creatures – and our images are filters for emotions. We highlight wounds, fear, future and the past. And we have to put it all in the final piece: the photograph.

Photo-talks Pieter Ten Hoopen

Pieter Ten Hoopen

A good story doesn’t leave you. The story itself doesn’t have to be very spectacular. It can be very subtle, poetic, doesn’t have to scream – it can whisper. Good stories, in general, are something that keeps you in the topic for the duration of it. That’s always my goal – if it is a movie or a book, I want the people to live it, stay in it.

Photo-talks RAX

Ragnar Axelsson (RAX)

I get a kick out of seeing a photograph coming out in a dark room, and this is where my passion for photography began. Even when the conditions are unbearable, I still see the light at the end of the tunnel - and this light is the next photograph. I always try to get a good photograph. I've never got it, but I keep trying.

Photo-talks Cary Wolinsky

Cary Wolinsky

You have to be willing to look. You have to be willing to try, experiment. You cannot be a religious purist about your photography. I always tried to ask myself: how can I be more creative? The next step is to learn the technique.