About us

Wiktoria Michałkiewicz – founder, editor




An anthropologist, linguist and PhD candidate in sociology, Wiktoria has worked as a journalist and contributing writer for a number of magazines, including National Geographic, National Geographic Traveler, Foto, Focus, Harper’s Bazaar and Digital Camera – all of which has given her a glimpse into the world of photography. As a producer of documentary films in Spain, Sweden, and Poland and producer of long-term photographic projects, she has learnt about the importance of storytelling. While cooperating with major photographic and film events in various European countries, she has been lucky to meet so many fascinating people, many of whom happened to be world-reknowned photographers. As the manager of the art department of a Warsaw-based photographic agency, she regularly explored the ‚backstage’ of the world of photography, and is constantly inspired by close work with top photographers.



Aleksandra Gajda – founder, photo editor




Her interest in photography started with a fascination with beauty. Soon the beauty of photography was not enough. While studying journalism, film production and fine art photography, Aleksandra realized that she is mostly interested in the intellectual concept behind photographs, the power of the image and how it affects people rather than simply creating visually-appealing pictures.

After a few years of working at a fashion magazine, art event production and drastically changing the direction of her career and becoming a web developer, Aleksandra is still deeply in love with photography, including its history and theory.



When the two met, Wiktoria and Aleksandra were driven to combine their different experiences with their shared passion – photography.